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defining fish and chips

Originated from Singapore, the Lion City. The best place for everyone to enjoy perfectly battered fishes and chips where we only use the freshest ingredients. From classic fish & chips to new combinations of crisps, as long as you're in love with fish & chips, pretty sure we have something for you to enjoy with your friends and family.

Big Fish Small Fish, it's beyond fish & chips.
Fresh Salmon


Freshness is and always will be our main selling point. All our ingredients go through a stringent quality control process to ensure the utmost freshness. We never serve potato crisps that have been fried after 30 minutes and all our seafood is prepared daily to ensure maximum customer experience and satisfaction.



We are critical in choosing ingredients of the best quality for our menu. Our team of chefs has meticulously tested more than 10 different types of fish from various parts of the world. We can be confident in serving the finest fish to your table by doing so.

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We season our fish with natural flavourings like salt, pepper and paprika before cooking to complement the natural depth of flavour and texture of the fish. Customers are recommended to indulge in the first bite of fish bursting with flavours of the sea before dipping it into our homemade delicious sauces including tartar, salted egg, and curry mayo.


Our Story

In August 2019, a brightly yellow coloured container was born at Bandar Sunway. A new engaging and fun dining experience was brought into Malaysia all the way from Singapore. This is the first of its kind in Malaysia, originated from Singapore. 


The "shipping container" was then brought into Malaysia's largest mall, One Utama Shopping Centre in December 2019. The attractive and specially designed interior has attracted all the Fish & Crisps lovers, especially our unique and eye catching packaging boxes with bright colour. These boxes are specially designed for everyone to snap and share it on their social media.

We offer up to 7 different types of fish to our customers. The fish fillets are all fried upon order in a light and crispy batter and pair with our signature freshly sliced potato crisps. The free-flow sauces would be one of the highlights where we offer up to 7 types of sauces to fit every customer's taste bud. These sauces will enhance the meals and making one crave for more as they dine.  

Come and enjoy a dining experience that's memorable and engaging - it's beyond fish & chips.


  • We opened our 1st branch in August, 2019 at Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

  • We started out only at a team of 4 from the beginning and never look back since.

  • We opened our 2nd branch in December 2019 at One Utama Shopping Centre, Malaysia.

  • During our 7th month of opening (March 2020, Malaysia 1st MCO) we had a food donation to the needs at Taman Bukit Cheras. We decided to send our love to them during this critical period.

  • Also, during the month of October 2021, we have decided to relocate our Bandar Sunway branch to Sunway Pyramid Mall to better serve the surrounding community, to make it more accessible to our loyal customers and seafood lovers.

  • We opened our 3rd branch in August 2022 at IOI City Mall Phase 2, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Our Story

What Our Fans Say

Love the Fish and Crisps!!! Service so fast and good, not to mention the unique sauces and combinations for a fun eating experience! Though it was a little pricy, the food is worth it!!! Will definitely come back again

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